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JDNM'S "SPRING-SATIONS"I’d like to take this time to share some of my most precious moments in 2015 with you that is worth remembering.  2016 will be even a better year how do I know that?  It has already begun and it will keep on getting better with time. My motto has begun before the new year, “I Am M.I.M” #MissionInMotion


The one and only QUEEN in my life is my darling mother that God has blessed me with. This woman has the strength to endure. She has raised me and my twin sister with the help of The Lord. I am so grateful for her life, health and strength.  God is so good that I still have a younger looking and phenomenal mother.  Mom, I love you and I am here today because you pray daily. Your not just a good mother, your a GREAT Mother and you have since day one made an impact in my life and still today you will forever and always be my QUEEN!

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I will never forget Tarsha Campbell she believes in my vision and has been a major contributor to keep my blog radio show on the air.  But that is not the reason I most remember her for. Tarsha is a blessed young woman through and through. She’s a fantastic author and am amazing entrepreneur with substance.  She is indeed the epidomy of the spirit of excellence.  Thank you Tarsha! 

Author Barbara Grovner aka B. Berry has been a positive influence in my literary life and she’s the guru of making you smile.  She came from shy to a beautiful butterfly with her amazing books.  She was one of the one’s I looked for on FB just so I could read her funny, beautiful and witty posts. Thank you for keeping a smile on my face Barbara!

Rhona Bennett Ms R and BYo! my girl Rho! This warm spirited sweet heart have been a darling friend who has supported me through and through.  She still to this day has been who she is. She’s a realist and my look up to person to find the champion in me through reading her books, blogs,vlogs and receiving some great advice.  “Rhoney Love” has taken the word “Champion” and made it royal.  I would like to take this time Rhona and thank you for being you with me since 2010.  Happy New Years your “Love Bug” appreciates you very much 😉


Threestyle Jazz My Germany Family Magdalena Chovancovich and Robert Fertl you are the best! Thanks so much for your love and support.  We are family and I wish you two all the best in 2016!


There are so many of you to thank it will take a book to detail each and everyone of you.  Please accept my gratitude and thanks for how you each made an impact and have been a support.  You have not gone unnoticed and if you do not see your name here, you know who you are and I love you all for your part in your sharing in my journey with me.

There are some who are in this blog that I have known since 2010 and they have been a continual support and a positive light to many.  No matter what your role is or was when we connected, it is not taken for granted and it wasn’t for nothing.  Blessings come many different ways and so does our life journey. We are all blessed to have networked and connected

2016 will indeed bring in more amazing soul lights like yourselves that has  positive vision with purpose.  There is a reason, time and season for why our paths have crossed and though we are moving onward and upward, I just wanted to take this time to let you all know that you are indeed appreciated and I have learned something new from each and everyone of you.  Happy New Years to everybody THANK YOU!!!! XOXO!!

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Reatha Grey

Janis Mavis

Bregett Rideau

Frank Wescott

Crystal Pullen


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Jay Gore

Tameka F. Jeffers

Dalia Florea

Tre Tureaud

Sabrina Bond


Ray Stewart

Paula Winlock



Jewels of the Universe & Glowing Enriched Motivational Supporters (JOTU/GEMS)

As of April 30th 2015 JOTU & GEMS has reached it’s 1 year mark! YAY! I am your host that toasts to your success TyLeishia Douglass and it gives me great pleasure to thank those who have graced the show and are a part of this 1 year anniversary!  I am always open for ideas and looking forward to putting the ideas I have for this year into the show will hopefully create opportunities for those who are entrepreneurs, etc. Thank you for your continual support. You are all appreciated and I can’t thank you enough.  It’s been a pleasure to serve many of you and I look forward to being a help in what I can and are capable of doing. Blessings to everyone everywhere especially my supportive listeners for tuning in! It has been a huge pleasure to support ALL ARTS!


TyLeishia Douglass

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Need to spruce up your time cover on your social media site?In the year 2015 promoting has changed in the game, upgrades are continuous and its not about to slow down or stop.  Take a look at some of the Promo Time Covers (PTCC) by TyLeishia Douglass of Jewels of the Universe & Glowing Enriched Motivational Supporters (JOTU & GEMS) on #BlogTalkRAdio show host and creator online community group.

Valentines Banner with photo, accents, abstracts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

Valentines Banner with photo, accents, abstracts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

Candy Apple Time Cover with photo, accents, abstracts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

Candy Apple Time Cover with photo, accents, abstracts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

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Cluster crops with wht. bkrnd Banner with photo, accents, boarder, abstracts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

Banner with photo, accents, abstracts, illuminated fonts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

Banner with photo, accents, abstracts, illuminated fonts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

 Banner with photo, accents, abstracts, illuminated fonts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

Banner with photo, accents, abstracts, illuminated fonts, background (bkrnd is subject to permission and may vary for authorized or unauthorized use for promo purposes)

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JOTU & GEMS is pleased to support Threestyle Feat. Magdalena Chovancova! Be sure to look for them to grace us on the airwaves in November! Check out their website http://artists.profile.welovemusic.de/Threestyle.html

JOTU & GEMS Remembers the precious souls taken tragically & Celebrating the lives of those who, Survided a Serial Killer

Gary Heidnik

According to wiki public information,

Gary Michael Heidnik (November 22, 1943 – July 6, 1999) was an American murderer who kidnapped, tortured, and raped six women and held them prisoner in his basement in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Heidnik was sentenced to death and executed by lethal injection in July 1999.

I can’t begin to tell you after seeing this story on a crime television show my heart went out to these young girls. I have seen some that have commented about this hideous crime on news posts, etc. I was not passing judgement just because these young girls were drug users and walked the streets to earn a living engaging in illegal activity. This is still someone’s child, someone’s cousin, sister, niece or mother.

Six of these girls were kidnapped and 2 were killed. Gary Heidnik was a sexual sadist who planned out how he would capture these girls and get them back to his home in PA. One of the girls was slightly challenged and had a problem with an her jaw bone in her mouth and as a result of Gary forcing her to eat fast, hanging her up by chains in his basement, her circulation was cut off and she died.

He made the girls bet each other seemingly he treated the one in charge better than the others. One of the girls refused to stop fussing and was stubborn so Gary had the led girl in charge fill a hole he had dug in his basement with water and they placed the disobedient girl into the hole. Gary would have the girls and he would take some electric wires and put it on the shackles he had bound to the girls ankles and it would shock them. The girl died faced down in the water and Gary said, “Now all my troubles are over.”

But just when you thought he couldn’t get any worse, Gary cut up the girl that died by hanging by her wrists and he boiled her head, froze her arms and legs and eventually placed her in a food grinder feeding parts of her to the surviving girls and he mixed it with dog food. The other girl was believed to be buried underneath his yard.

This was not all to his torture, Gary would take screws and drive them through the girls ears so they would not hear whether someone was coming they would not be able to scream for help if they couldn’t hear someone coming. His house hallway was lined with dollar bills and coins perfectly places like a fortress.

Th neighborhood was not a good one it was drug and high crime infested but no one heard anything and the tenants upstairs couldn’t hear because Gary kept the television and music loud. He wanted them to breed his children but it is believed he would have killed all of those girls. When he was cooking the head of one of his victims, a policeman knocked at his door because the neighbors kept smelling something in the neighborhood unpleasant. The Officer went in and entered the kitchen and a door opened and it was Gary coming from either the basement or another room.

The Officer asked Gary what was that smell and what was he cooking. Gary told the Officer he had left some old cabbage he was cooking by a mistake on the stove and he almost burned it so he had to add some water to it. The Officer felt like that was a likely story and he left. Wow, those girls were a second within being rescued.

Gary had gained trust in one of the girls because she was made to sign a paper saying she was in on helping him murder his victims. She was able to talk  Heidnik into letting her go visit in her neighborhood because Gary wanted another girl and she knew how to get one that would trust her enough to get into the car with she and Gary.

She told Heidnik where she would be and when to come back for her. He trusted her and he went to a gas station. The girl was just a block or two away from her home and when she go there she pounded on the door and her boyfriend answered. He wanted to know where she had been all that time and she tried to tell him what had happened but he said she was crazy.  She left and went to a phone booth and called the police and told them the story and at first they didn’t believe it so they came out to check it out.

When they got there they found Gary where she said he’d be and then bought her to the car and asked to identify him and she said, “Yes, that’s him and the other girls are at his house and there are two dead girls. One of them he cooked and fed her to us.” There was every kind of law enforcement agency you could think of at Hiednik’s home. It was like a movie on set.

What the officer’s saw when they got into Gary’s home was sickening and the joy and tears of those girls as they screamed out, “Were saved they coming to save us!” will never be forgotten in the ears and eyes of those who first saw them.  One of the girls who aired on a daytime television talk show was only 94pds. when they found her in the basement of Heodnik’s home.

Today two of theses woman received severe and intense counseling and one is married taking life one day at a time. The other struggles with life trying to keep her family together. Her son’s spoke of her having some difficulty through violent rage at times with a alias name she used “Mary” which is not a pleasant person but one who declares war and the promises to bring death to Gary Heidnik.

Why am I sharing this story though it has been told and heard all over the world? Because I want to commend the courage and strength in these woman today for giving it their best and taking it step by step which shows that they were not lost and Gary did not win. They have touched people and still they do each time they tell their story and can help those who are thinking of giving their lives to the streets, these woman can help to save someone’s life.

The 2 that lost their lives at the hands of Gary Heidnik you will be forever missed, remembered, loved by all even those that come to hear and know about this story. I vow by sharing your story to remember and celebrate you for your strength and courage though your lives were snatched to soon, you were both here for a reason and purpose and your lives on this earth was worth living and not in vein.

Lastly, to the other 2 girls who are now ladies I do not know where you are but I want you to know that lives were changed and you made an impact on many across the globe. You have to believe that and be proud of your lives. I know the other 2 ladies are persevering but you all have a story to tell as well. Maybe not to the media or in the spotlight but wherever you are I hope you know that you have not been forgotten and you are remembered. I hope you are living in the blessings of a beautiful, enriched, healthy and peaceful life.

God Bless ladies and from me to you much love, good health and the miracles of The Most High overtake you and your families as you continue living in your new and enriched day to day lives. Be encouraged and keep telling your story as you have touched more souls than you know. Thank you!



Sandy Lindsey lost her life as well

Josefina Rivera, age 25, kidnapped on November 25, 1986.

Sandra Lindsay, age 24, kidnapped on December 3, 1986, murdered in February 1987.

Lisa Thomas, age 19, kidnapped on December 23, 1986.

Deborah Dudley, age 23, kidnapped on January 2, 1987, murdered on March 19, 1987.

Jacqueline Askins, age 18, kidnapped on January 18, 1987

Agnes Adams, age 24, kidnapped on March 23, 1987 (rescued the same day).

TyLeishia Douglass

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Author TyLeishia Douglass “Ole School Book Reviews”

I choose to look back on books I have read that helped me to make it through life. These books in this blog are just a few of my many on my book shelf at home that I have read and am happy to talk about. So let’s start and if you know of any authors that I am speaking of, please feel free to share your comment!

beesThis 5 star read has over 2, 286 reviews! The multimillion-copy–bestselling first novel by the author of The Invention of Wings, coming from Viking in January 2014! I was in a vintage shop that had a book section, clothing section, trinkets and more. My friends I had ventured out with on that day noticed it and immediately knew I had to get it. they had read it and said I kind of reminded them of some of the chapters in this book. So, I bought it and here is my review of what I read:

“The Secret Life of Bees” I will never look at bee’s wax or honey combs the same. Though I  had written a book as well that colorfully have you visualizing honey combs and bees in a delectable and enticing way, Author Sue Monk Kidd takes it to a whole new level. As for her characters, I could actually feel, see, smell not to be a spoiler but I have to share one part, “Her body made an awful sucking sound as it broke the surface.” Okay, I have to stop there…all I can tell you is this author truly shows an amazing way of writing out feelings and the way words should come to life to make you see it, feel it, taste it, smell it and actually swallow you into that world and she delivers all of that rolled up into one.

bookAThis author was a regular on Oprah and Sally. I had purchased this book for myself. I can admit that I got caught up in the mix of the “All guys are alike” syndrome and had to find a way to break that thought up. I had to find a way to understand the woman vs the man. Which I will discuss what book I bought for that in another review.

My review on this book in my opinion “Loving An Imperfect Man” Stop Waiting for Him to Make You Happy and Start Getting What You Want Out of Life by Author Ellen Sue Stern talks about pursuing your integrity and self-respect and in this books she brings it in a way that you own up to your responsibilities and your role and actions on how you respond to things but at the same time without loosing you or your self-worth. This book to me is a win win for both the man and the woman in my opinion.  There’s even a self check so that you can be sure you are staying healthy in mind, body, soul and spirit. I am so glad I own a copy of this book.bookBIn my last review I told you I had to understand man vs woman so I purchased this book to help me with this. I had not been having any issues with dating however, I wanted to create loving and lasting relationships in the near future.

John Gray, Ph.D. is the #1 bestselling relationship author of all time. He is the author of over 20 books, including The New York Times #1 Best-Selling Relationship Book of All Time: MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS. His books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world.

My review on “Mars And Venus On A Date” opened my eyes even when I wasn’t at that time willing to receive what I was reading. I could not deny what my eyes had read how so? I highlighted those things I wanted to hold a challenge with ha ha! When John got to how woman misunderstand men because we think allowing them to talk while we wait patiently for them to finish they will be more interested in us, that’s not the case on Mars but maybe in Venus. I was mined blown! Oh yes, I gave a little spoiler why? Because I have to tell you though it may be an older book, it’s worth having on your book shelf still. It’s also a great book to go over when you need to remember some tips on dating and creating it to loving and lasting.


“Let’s Talk Shall We” ~ Reality Chew & Chat w/ Author TyLeishia Douglass

BALANCE So today I realized that I needed a reality check on taking a pause just for a moment to see if I have been holding steady with my balance and what did I find? Yup, you guessed it, I was off track a smidge or two. I had added things on the to do list without realizing i actually added them. I am sure we’ve all done that at some point in our lives.

Okay so recap time 🙂 I have conquered most of the things I had on my to do list that took all of the 5 years to do yipee!! but I am not finished at all. I have added more writing in which I am expecting to continue to work on though the fire in my fingers cools off I still feel the passion to work on all the writings I still have that I plan to work on getting released at some point.

I am surprised that I am doing a show though I would have never guest I would be, I always wanted to do television to some degree however, this is a wonderful experience and I am working on my goal in communications so wish me Blessings! I intend to be the next Red Carpet Interviewer and go even further in other options that are afforded me heck, I will even put it out there that I may have a tv show someday! Oh boy, there I go with the additions on the list LOL! But there’s nothing to it but to do it! I enjoy my guests so much! They are the best and they have helped and encouraged me so much! I value them and am honored to have had them be a part of my journey to hmmm….I am optimistic but I know it’s on the path to a great place and rewarding future!

Next on the list I have fallen off track with the gym yup yup! I can admit my short comings but I can also pick myself up and figure out what I need to do and don’t stew! Yes, the doughnuts, pizza, ice cream was fantastic y’all! So now that my song is back though they got “The Cubic Shuffle” I got “The Rubic Rubble Shuffle” my words are as such …. {{{{ POUND POUND DO YOUR DANCE DO YOUR DANCE}}}} LOL!! Yes, I can laugh about my rounds of pounds but I know that when it’s all said and done playing woth your health is no joke. Those nice curves I shared with my fb peeps was so awesome and I felt great! I joined a gym and worked hard at getting it together and after going off and on and then off and off and off … those curves picked up some company eek! so, what do I do about it? I try working it out a bit at a time at home though I don’t everyday like I used to in the summer. My buddy in the sunshine states turned me on to this online trainer and I adore it! it’s great support and it certainly helps you stay on track! So, I am plugging away working my way back slowly but surely. I have to stay healthy and there is no compromising that.

What else has been going on? My balance meter is just tipped and not even as it should be here lately. So, why is this? I have not been more grateful to myself for all the good things I have accomplished. GASP!!! This is not good at all! It is time to take a pause for a good cause and just step away, pray, meditate and appreciate everything thus far that has happened in my life for me. As you all know without question I live, sleep, breath, move and act big and extremely passionate about soul lights (YOU) who have been blessed and who unselfishly give by sharing and blessing the universe and souls in it with what you were purposed and Blessed to do here in the earth! Don’t even get me started on that! But I did not realize me advertising on fb is not giving me appreciation, I must continue to thank and be grateful for ALL of me. I have worked hard at knowing it’s okay to enjoy and applaud yourself in appreciating you so I have to make sure I don’t forget that. I am learning and working on things daily. That’s a good thing 🙂

What did this Reality Chat & Chew Topic do for me? and let me ask you, could you relate to it or any part in this blog? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts, comments or commentary’s on it….let’s discuss whatever you want to chat about. You can even use this blog to jump start your topic if you like and we can get it going. After all, I am a talk show host and it’s what I do 😉  Oh, I’d like to thank you for stopping in and hearing what’s on my mind. Perhaps you know someone that may love to talk about something and they want to do a Reality Chew & Chat so share this blog and let’s talk shall we 😉

AHHHH…..I bet that is how you will feel once you do “Reality Chew & Chat”My story goes on because I am going to swim and not sink! There may be sharks in the ocean and I may encounter some rough storms but as long as my floater (my will, my mind, my strength, my faith) holds me up, I will make it to shore not too long from now.

I would like to encourage those of you who have read this blog to remember to honor yourself, say thank you to you! Pray and keep your faith whatever it may be just know that you are worth the wealth and health that helps to remain and sustain all that you have been blessed within you to be a blessing to release. Continue to manifest and remain blessed, not stressed 😉 and remember stressed spelled backwards is “Desserts” so enjoy it and eat it up and don’t let it eat you. I am still learning this daily! XO & Hugzz!!!

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Let’s Talk Mal de Debarquement Syndrome or MdDS in your 40’s

 Author TLD1Have You Heard of the word Mal de Debarquement? It’s a Syndrome MdDs

So your in your mid 40’s and you have almost but maybe not quite have done almost everything you wanted to do or go traveling around the world like you wanted. How about that cruise you just took? Or maybe that plane trip before you turned forty-three. Either way there is so much more you want to do and places you still want to go right?

So what if your not a water person and you don’t to take a cruise or fly the friendly skies? You realize you may want to camp out or perhaps toy want to take local vacations and just get away and go to the beach or at some fun amusements parks. For these kinds of recreational good times, you have to be in shape to be able to get around right?

What and why am I talking about this and asking these questions? I am more than happy to share my story with you. Hopefully by the time I am done telling you about it, you will understand why it’s important to me that I shared it with you and perhaps you too can share it with your loved ones and others who may not have had absolutely no idea this new cruise ship trip was one I did not plan to take so, all aboard!

About 3 years ago I took a trip to the Bahamas for 7 days and had the time of my life at 42 years of age. Before then I had booked my very 2nd plane trip to hmm I can’t seem to remember right off to where but I went about 12 years ago and then my 1st one a year before then. I was really happy that I had at least flew in a plane and sailed the seas.

3 years later here I am 45 almost 46 years of age and I submerge myself in the pool completely which was a no no for me since I was a youngster due to my cousin years ago dropping me and I almost drowned but here today I can float on a floater and swim across the cool waters. I am feeling very accomplished here!

What is happening to me! I am relaxing, life is beautiful,I am sleeping pretty good, I have no complaints, what’s going on with my eyes? I have to keep clearing them out and there is nothing in them! Uh oh! I hope I am not loosing my sight again! I went through that once before and for those of you that read my book, “Jewels Declaring New Miracles” you know that story. So, I will just do some meditating….whew! Okay, that’s working.

Oh no, what is this my head is hurting, I don’t get headaches or migraines, what now? I am going to join a gym the exercise will do me just fine. Okay, I am loving this, it’s working. Ahhh!!! taking some fun time,learning to balance some time away from the computer because now it’s a bit much to cram a lot of work in too many hours. Okay, I like the time to rejuvenate and start fresh.

Oh my head I am going to take it slow and just put my feet up and relax. What the…why is my legs going from side to side? Is somebody moving me? I am looking down at my legs but no one and nothing is there moving them. What is this rocking and swaying motion! I am calling my sister! No, she’s asleep it’s too late…let me get up from this recliner. Okay, I am walking just fine and my legs feel just fine. Okay, I can chill back now and go to sleep everything is alright now.

So, I guess you all are saying what is she talking about? Well, the next day and the day after that and the day after that it got more and more intense! It went from my legs to my entire lower body rocking and swaying to my stomach feeling nausea and my head hurting, and many more symptoms. By the time I went to get it checked out it is diagnosed as ” Mal de Debarquement Syndrome” which is a rocking and swaying sensation. Below I will share a little of what information I have gathered and share a link so that you can learn more about this condition and you can help to raise the awareness of MdDs. Yes, it is real and it can be very annoying and there is no cure for it but the upside is there are some good things you can do to manage it so here’s to our health and happy living.

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“Nothing can keep me down less I tie a stone to my own foot and go under allowing myself to drown” ~ TyLeishia L. Douglass  Copyright, 2014 All Rights Reserved.

 **Read the summary about MdDs in the excerpt section of this blog. **

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Author Serina Hartwell ~ Hidden

What IMAG0257-2-2

What can I say about this fast growing author who’s work is admired on the eyes of several readers and supporters of Serina’s book “Hidden” She’s been on

* World Castle Publishing

* Her work is on Amazon

and she’s been on several other blog tours! She is being sponsored at Cullen House Books today at a Meet & Greet and she can be founf supporting other authors on FB @ Serina Hartwell. For more information about this awesome author and amazing supportive soul light, visit her blog @ http://www.serinahartwell.info/about

Congratulations on all of your progress Serina Hartwell! Here at Jewels of the Universe & Spotlighting Authors of the Month we celebrate you! Looking forward to seeing more great works and sharing more of your great news!

TyLeishia Douglass

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Did you ever have an itch you couldn’t scratch, a feeling that you’re supposed to be doing something else, something bigger with your life? Something that would touch the souls of the rest of mankind and justify your place amongst our fellow men, but you just couldn’t put your finger on what? Well I spent the best part of 40 years looking for the answer and low and behold, I finished back where I started, with writing. I sometimes question why I didn’t just turn in the opposite direction, I would have got there straight away, but my path led me away from writing when I was just a teenager, because I lacked the confidence to pursue the dream. Reminiscing one day, the thought occurred to me that if I had found writing back then, I wouldn’t have taken the journeys that led me to write The Hidden Saga.

Hidden_Book_Cover by Jasmine Varley 08.06.12

My name is Serina Hartwell. I live with my better-half of 18 years, Macius, and I’m the mother of two wonderful children, who grew up when I blinked. I always write with my writing companion, my cat Tilly, and I come from an average size town in West Yorkshire, England. The same place where the Bronte sisters were born and I am from the village in the mill town I write about.

Growing up in an industrial town, and coming from a working class background, I was surrounded by the mills, which were once the life blood of the community. Decrepit and falling into disrepair, they shadowed the place where I lived, serving as a reminder that our town once thrived. I watched as one by one, the mills went out of business and closed, serving to inspire my story, while changing the landscape around me.

My mother worked in the mills when I was a child. I recall every night, my father taking my brother and I to the mill to collect her and walk her home over the lonely beck-side. These trips along the shortcut are embedded throughout Hidden, as my childish imagination finally materialised on the page.

It was only recently that I found my way back to writing, when I suddenly found out that I was seriously ill. It’s funny how life has a way of bringing you full circle and offering you sharp reminders that time is slipping through your fingers. One moment I was fine and the next I was in a very bad place. Today you look upon the writing of one of the luckiest people on the planet, as I recovered and moved forward. Luck I intend to build upon. With doors closing all around me and my timely reminder, my life reached a turning point, and I knew I had to find the thing I was supposed to be doing and get on with it. That’s when I really started looking.

In August 2010, I had the most intense urge to write. It came from nowhere, so I did the only thing I could, I borrowed my daughter’s laptop. I didn’t even know at the time if I could write. The last creative thing I wrote was at school. I didn’t know if I could connect with the page, let alone complete a book, but one thing is for sure, I haven’t stopped writing since, nor do I intend to. So, allow me to introduce you to my work. May I begin by introducing Bronte, in The Hidden Saga? I hope you enjoy Hidden and the many more to come.

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga

Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week – TyLeishia L. Douglass

TyLeishias world banner(Click on the link to view TyLeishia’s interview with Phinesse Demps of The Baltimore Times)

Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: TyLeishia Douglass Phinesse Demps | 7/25/2014, 6:56 a.m.

Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: TyLeishia Douglass

 Phinesse Demps | 7/25/2014, 6:56 a.m.

This week’s Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the week holds so many titles we might have to call her the new mini Oprah. TyLeishia Douglass is a woman with many skills, but is confident in all that she does.

“I am most certainly blessed to be in a position to not only promote myself but others as well,” said Douglass. She is an author, radio host and public speaker. If that is not enough, she is also CEO of JBNM Publishing.

Her book, “Jewels Declaring New Miracles,” is about finding the courage to overcome. The character in the book, Da’Viese is a woman who is trying to find her way in life. “There are some things in the book that myself or others I know, that have gone through some things and from those examples, I wanted to write something that women could identify with. Not only women, but men as well,” says Douglass.

She began hosting a radio show in order to promote her work. “It is tough out here for people who are independent, on their own, to try and find media outlets to promote their book,” she says. Her show can be heard on Thursday evenings over the Blog Talk Radio Network at 6pm (EST). The Show is called: Jewels Declaring New Miracles2.

For more information on TyLeishia Douglass follow her on Twitter: urjdnm and on Facebook under: tylaviese.douglass


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